Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80)

Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80) is produced from sweet whey by using an advanced low-
temperature ultrafiltration process. This is why most proteins remain undisturbed. WPC contains about 35-

90% milk proteins. This powder is unflavored and thus can be given any flavor or aroma. WPC 80 is used in production of ice creams, yoghurts, drinks, butcher’s products and mainly in sports nutrition. WPC 80 is available in packs of 15/ 20/ 25kg or „Big Bag” 500-1000kg. Average Shelf life of WPC 80 is about 12 months.

Protein content: min. 80% Fat content: max. 8% Ash content max. 3.5%