Demineralized Whey Powder (DEMI)

Demineralized Whey Powder (DEMI) is produced through the removal of water and minerals from liquid sweet whey, which is the main by-product from hard cheese production.

Powder manufactured in the process of ultra- and Nano-filtration. Thanks to this, the amount of ash is smaller than in other whey powders. Demineralized Whey Powder is mainly used in the production of infant foods, dairy products, dairy blends, baking products, chocolate, confectionery, ice cream. Available: 50%, 70%, 90% Demineralized Whey Powders. DEMI is available in packs of 25kg or „Big Bag” 500-1000kg.

Average Shelf life of DEMI is about 12 months. Protein content: min. 11% Fat content: max. 1.5% Ash content max. 1%